The Deluxe Occasion Box
The Perfect box for Celebrations! New baby, new home, engagement, retirement, promotion, meeting up with friends.
The Deluxe Occasion box is the perfect gift for someone who appreciates that elegant touch. 
Our delicious Anti Pasti box with two bottles of wine, a "Just for Grown-Ups" box to indulge and enjoy. 
This kit contains;
     The Anti Pasti Box - freshly prepared using only the freshest ingredients including 
      roasted peppers, courgettes, stuffed olives, mixed cured meats, mixed nuts,     
      strawberries, grapes, melon balls a selection of cheese with a side of crusty bread
      and mini focaccia, with pesto and relish dips
      Two bottles of your choice of Red Wine, White Wine or Prosecco

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